Fan of Amoory (Arabic)

Cast : Mansoor Al Fili, Abdullah Bin Haydar, Jumaa Al Zaabi, Alaa Shaker
Director :Amer S. Al Murry

Genre :Drama
Rating : PG

About the movie :
A story about the power of dreams told through the experiences of a brave and talented boy whose idol is the famous football player Amoory. The film follows the young boy as he goes through challenges and difficulties to achieve his dream to become a professional player and play in UAE national team. The film is directed by the producer of Award winning movie Going to Heave and stars international renowned Emirati actor Mansoor Al Fili and awards winning actor Jumaa Al Zaabi.

Theatre :

Dalma Mall

Regular : 12:45, 17:20, 21:45

Deerfields Mall

Regular : 11:00, 15:50, 18:10